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Ingredients List

(All ingredients are 100% biodegradable)

Anionic & Nonionic Surfactants

Surfactants are the active cleaning agents that remove the soil and grime from dirty clothes.

Alkaline Salts

Alkaline salts help to break down oily stains and soil particles, and raise the water pH to enhance enzyme performance.

Organic Enzymes

Enzymes aid in breaking down organic stains, such as blood and fats.

Essential Oils

Essential oils such as tea tree oil neutralise the odour of dirty clothes and leave soothing scents.

Solvents & Builders

Dissolve ingredients & enhance the action of surfactants.

Water Soluble Film

PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) is a water-soluble and biodegradable film used to wrap the active ingredients in a pre-measured dose; so that water can be eliminated from its contents.